1. 4th European Functional Flame Off

    4th European Functional Flame Off

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    Soon its time again ! This will be the 4th year we are doing the EFFO and after last venue got maxed out with both noise, generator and visitors the natural step is a bigger place. Finding a suitable place seemed easy at first looking for event...
  2. Marcel Braun Furnace Glassblowing Class

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    In the month of January 2016 SmokingGear hosted the 3rd Glassblowing class. This time we had the pleasure of having Marcel Braun who teached the 7 students coming from UK - Germany - Italy and US how to work using a Crucible Furnace....
  3. Marcel Braun Glassblowing Class

    Marcel Braun Glassblowing Class

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    We are super excited to host a class with such a talented artist as Marcel Braun. The class will have 7 attendants from UK, Germany and US and it will take place on the 22-23-24rth of this month at SmokingGear Glassblowing studio in...