Puffit Discreet vape Black

Puffit Discreet vape Black

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A portable vaporizer with a high grade gold plated heating chamber
a silicone heat shield to cover the top cap of the unit
the temperature is adjustable from Level 1 to 8
temperature range: 120°C – 220°C
offers a removable internal stir tool; this accessory allows for the blend to be mixed around the heating chamber without opening the top cover (zero heat loss)
equipped with 3 minutes auto-shut off function (to reactivate the vaporizer, press the top cover for a few seconds allowing the temperature memory to re-heat the unit)
USB charger and a sleek black neoprene carrying case included
comes with 3 x mouthpieces, 4 x replacement screens, 1 x removable stirring tool, 1 x cleaning tool, 1 x silicone heat shield for the aluminum cap
height: 8.9 cm
1. Remove the magnetic cap from the mouthpiece. This will automatically turn the vaporizer on
2. Take off the cap from the heating chamber
3. Fill the chamber with your preferred herbal blend 
4. Put the cap back on
5. Use the dial on the side of the device to choose a temperature setting 
6. Push down on the cap for two seconds to turn on the heating element
7. Wait 10 to 30 seconds for the device to reach working temperature
8. When the LED light turns green, it is ready for use
9. Put the mouthpiece to your lips and draw slowly